Brighton’s Big Screen is absolutely delighted to introduce the ibis hotels SWEETBED VIP EXPERIENCE at this years event!

We have teamed up to make your dreams come true…literally! You can now watch your favourite film or cheer for your football team from an ACTUAL bed on the beach. Cosy covers and sparkling fairy lights will create the atmosphere that will make you not want to get up ever again!

The new generation bed is revolutionary, it has been expertly designed by ibis hotels for the ultimate comfort. Every part of your body gets personalised support which successfully erases body tension.

Sweetbeds by ibis endeavour to give guests the hotel industry’s most important pledge: a happy sleep. And, of course, a bed is nothing without its vital accessories, pillows and a beautifully soft duvet. For this reason ibis experts paid particular attention to a new generation quilts: soft, cosy and light. As for the pillows, the final touch to this revolutionary bedding, they are elastic, rectangular and generous, ensuring unencumbered, refreshing sleep.

Our conclusion: The stylish and modern beds are not only comfortable, but also very innovative. Make sure to test them yourself at Brighton’s Big Screen 2016!

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