Multi award-winning Pizzaface will be at Brighton’s Big Screen this year! Concentrating on bold and interesting flavours, Pizzaface’s handstretched bases will be made to order on site using the freshest ingredients and cooked in their stone based oven. They will be showcasing their most popular pizzas and sides on offer and even a few sneaky specials might crop up during their stint on the beach.  If you are looking to book our full VIP TICKET, you will also be enjoying a Pizzaface pizza along with some amazing sides.


Beach and Bagels? Sounds perfect, right? We managed to get beloved Bagelman on board. A Brighton institution and definitely one of the most popular brands when it comes to food on the go. They provide the area with the best bagels you could possibly think of. You know what? They come in SO many variations! Another great opportunity: Get your company down to Brighton’s Big Screen and enjoy a Bagelman Beach Feast! Get in touch with us on

Aunty Bunny’s Hut

They are THE specialists for Caribbean style meat, fish and Spanish cuisine! Aunty Bunny will bring their very own flavours to Brighton’s Big Screen 2016. They will bring the summer feeling to our beach with exciting and authentic Caribbean BBQ. Oh…how perfect it is on a nice day in summer!

Greedy Goat Ice Cream

Summer in Brighton without ice cream on the beach? That would be ridiculous! We thought to offer something special this year: Greedy Goat will offer their lovely ice cream made from goat’s milk. Besides from being lactose-friendly and easier to digest, Greedy Goat’s ice cream is also extremely delicious and we are sure you will love their exciting flavours ranging from all time classics to really extraordinary but nonetheless extremely delicious ones. Salted Caramel, Gin&Tonic, Rum and Raisin, Billy Vanilli are only a few!