Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin is proud to sponsor the 15th Brighton Film Festival; the meeting of two great ideas conceived in Sussex.

  • Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin is a recipe of eight natural botanicals, each  individually pot distilled.  The signature botanical is Sussex Hop, discovered growing wild in hedgerows near Mayfield and cultivated by Andrew Hoad, a sixth generation hop farmer at his nearby hop farm in Salehurst.
  • The dramatic label depicts the encounter of St Dunstan and the Devil, an epic event which, the story goes, happened in the 10th century in Mayfield village.
  • Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin has an enticing zesty citrus aroma, with a pure, pine-and-spice juniper heart. The hops  provide a floral note with a delicious subtle sweet bitterness and an elegant finish.
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